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If you are in need of a professional prototyping service to bring your ideas to life and assist with product development, then you have come to the right place. XinYang is dedicated to providing exceptional quality, fast turnaround, and cost-effective rapid prototyping services to customers worldwide. With state-of-the-art prototyping and production manufacturing technology, advanced industrial-grade equipment, and a team of skilled engineers, XinYang can transform your design into a market-ready product within a matter of days. We are thrilled to begin collaborating with you! If you have completed the prototyping phase and are ready to progress to production, we invite you to explore our low volume manufacturing service. Here are the primary rapid prototyping processes we offer:

FDM — Low-cost plastic parts prototyping

SLA — Plastic parts prototyping with exceptional surface finish

SLS — Strong prototyping parts in nylon or nylon glass

SLM — Metal parts prototyping in steel or titanium

Rapid CNC machining

XinYang runs an extensive array of CNC machining centers, mills, and lathes (specifically for CNC turning), which facilitate quick prototyping of CNC machined components crafted from either plastic or metal. Our services encompass a diverse selection of materials and finishing choices, as well as the opportunity to integrate CNC machining with various other rapid prototyping techniques.

CNC machining stands out as a top-tier rapid prototyping technology due to its high precision. While emphasizing quick turnaround times over extremely tight tolerances, the quality of rapid CNC machining remains exceptional.

Low volumes result in quick turnarounds, with CNC prototyping yielding parts that closely resemble production quality. Although more expensive than 3D printing, the surface finish and strength of the parts are frequently superior.

CNC Milling — Milled prototype & production parts in plastic and metal

CNC Turning — All types of round components

CNC Grinding — Tight tolerance and good surface

CNC EDM — For deep pocket & sharp conners.

Rigid Plastics — Such as ABS, PC, PA simulate prototype parts

Soft Rubber — Rubber like prototypes from Shore A 30 to 90 degrees.

Wax — Patterns for low-vlume investment casting

Rapid tooling

Rapid tooling (bridge tooling or prototype tooling) refers to the rapid CNC machining of metal tooling for injection molding. It is therefore the first step toward rapid injection molding.

Prototyping tooling for molding is recommended for customers needing 100 to 2,000 units of their injection molded parts. If the quantity exceeds this range, production-level steel tooling might be a more suitable option.

Rapid tooling offers several benefits, such as quick turnaround times and the capability to conduct prototyping and testing of injection molded components that would typically require months to manufacture. Additionally, rapid tooling proves to be considerably more cost-effective compared to mass production tooling.

Despite the higher cost compared to 3D printing, rapid tooling and rapid injection molding offer plastic parts that closely resemble production quality, making them suitable for functional testing purposes.

Plastic Injection Mold

Die Casting Mold

Extrusion Mold

Extrusion Mold



Rapid metal casting

It is advisable for customers requiring 100 to 2,000 units of their injection molded parts to utilize prototyping tooling for molding. For quantities beyond this range, production-level steel tooling may be a more appropriate choice.

Rapid tooling provides numerous advantages, including fast turnaround times and the ability to carry out prototyping and testing of injection molded components that would normally take months to produce. Moreover, rapid tooling is significantly more cost-efficient than mass production tooling.

Despite the elevated price in comparison to 3D printing, rapid tooling and rapid injection molding provide plastic components that closely resemble the quality of production, rendering them appropriate for functional testing objectives.

Pressure Die Casting

Investment Casting

Gravity Casting

Why opt for our rapid prototyping services?
Exceptional. Productive. Cost-effective.

XinYang’s rapid prototyping services are defined by these three principles. By collaborating closely, we can transform your product vision into a tangible reality within a short span of time, all at a reasonable cost.


We can accommodate one-time prototypes and small-volume parts with flexibility. Regardless of the quantity you require, we are capable of managing your order.

Competitive Pricing

We have developed a highly effective rapid prototyping system that enables us to provide cost-effective prices that are comparable to any other offer.

Rapid Turnaround

We have the capability to complete your rapid prototyping projects within a matter of days.

Experienced Engineers

Our team has years of experience in a wide range of industries and can handle even the most challenging projects.

Tight Tolerances

We cater to the aerospace and medical sectors, providing precise parts with stringent tolerances.

Wide Range of Materials

We cater to a diverse clientele and have the capability to provide an array of rapid prototype materials and finishes.

Prototypes and Parts Delivered Fast with 4 Simple Steps

Begin by entering some details and uploading a 3D CAD file.

You will be provided with a quotation shortly, and in case it is required, we will forward the design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis to you.

After reviewing the quotation and confirming your order, the manufacturing process will commence. Additionally, we provide various finishing options for your convenience.

Your prototypes or custom-made parts will undergo thorough inspection before being promptly delivered to your doorstep.