Your CNC Machining Service,

Your CNC Manufacturing Team

Experience custom-made, extremely accurate components produced through CNC machining. Ideal for various materials and intricate part designs.

We possess exceptional expertise and knowledge in Injection Moulding, making it ideal for high volume plastic parts.

Mold making is a complex process that requires high-level skills and experience. Although each situation is different

We can provide 3D printed parts in a wide variety of materials and colours. Fantastic for low volume and complex plastic parts.

Why choose xinYang?

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ISO 9001 Accredited

Our commitment to the highest quality parts is demonstrated through our ISO 9001 certification

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Superior Customer Service

Tired of manufacturers not responding to your quote requests? We aim to get back to you within minutes, not days.

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Vast Flexibility

We’re proud not to be an automated platform, therefore we can manufacture complex projects that others simply cannot.

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Competitive Pricing

We’re lean and efficient and we pass these cost-savings onto you. Our network of UK and international partner factories ensure we source the best price for your project.

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Fast Turnaround

From the initial quote to delivered parts, we work quickly to ensure your ideas and projects are brought to market quickly and on-time.

Manufacturing Services for Metal & Plastic Parts

CNC Machining Service
CNC Machining Service

Enjoy bespoke, high precision parts using CNC machining. Suitable for a wide range of materials and part complexities.

Metal Injection Moulding
Metal Injection Moulding

For high volume, complex metal parts, Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) can be an optimal solution.

Assembly & Welding

Assembly & Welding

Need your parts welded? XinYang offer a complete suite of joining methods for assemblies.

  • Request quote

Please complete our around-the-clock quote request form by providing your material choice, finishing specifications, quantity of parts, and any specific instructions.

  • Design review

A member of our engineering team will assess your CAD/engineering drawings, taking into account any specific requirements for the project.

  • Feedback & optimisation

Your project engineer will subsequently offer you customized design recommendations to enhance the manufacturability of your components.

  • Production underway

Once you have approved the final quote, we will commence production of your parts. Throughout the manufacturing process, we will provide regular updates on the progress of your project and share photos of the parts with you.

Trusted across multiple industries

XinYang is trusted to supply the highest level of precision for leading companies in a wide range of industries. Our ISO 9001 certification ensures quality throughout your experience with XinYang. XinYang is proud to work with the following industries:

Research & development



Green energy



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