Customize Shoes for Lady Gaga

Rapid prototyping is commonly associated with its benefits for the industry, but it is also utilized for everyday purposes. Consumers seek out distinctive products that reflect their individual tastes, leading to the rising popularity of 3D printing services which offer customized designs at a reasonable price.

Below is a demonstration of how rapid prototyping can transform your unique vision into a tangible creation.

This is a pair of shoes that we created for Lady Gaga some time ago. It serves not only as a prototype to assess its appearance but also as a practical pair of shoes for everyday use. Our objective was to ensure its safety and lightweight design. After considering various materials, our customer ultimately chose polycarbonate. Rather than crafting it as a solid block, we opted for a hollow structure with ribs. To reinforce the thin heel, we inserted a titanium tube. Finally, we wrapped the entire shoe with layers of carbon fiber.

In contrast to other prototyping providers, our project managers possess extensive experience in integrating diverse manufacturing technologies. They are adept at offering valuable recommendations for various project types and ensuring prompt production of your parts at a more competitive price.

Project Details

The main body of each shoe is made by CNC milling in PC (lightweight polycarbonate plastic), and wrapped with carbon fiber to ensure strength.

The tip of the heel is made by CNC turning in stainless steel.

The golden men are made by SLS (selective laser sintering) in PA (polyamide), with a chrome sputtering finish.

Our customer finished the shoes with leather and then attached the golden men.