Injection Molding Part Surface Finishes

XinYang offers wide variety high level surface finishes. We only list some of the common finishing options. There are more finish options for custom Injection Molding parts.

Standard Finish

Moldmaker’s choice of finish. Typically SPI B-2, depending on geometry and drafts. Interior, non-cosmetic faces, are typically as-machined.

SPI Finishes

Range of Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) finishes from Grade 3 diamond / high polish to 320 stone low polish. Finishes include: SPI A-1, SPI A-2, SPI A-3, SPI B-1, SPI B-2, SPI B-3, SPI C-1, SPI C-2, SPI C-3, SPI D-1, SPI D-2, and SPI D-3

MoldTech Finishes (Mold Texturing)

RRange of finishes including matte, swirls, lines, and patterns. Our most common texture finishes include: MoldTech MT11010, MoldTech MT11020, and MoldTech MT11030. Other textured finishes can be added by request.

Other Textures – VDI

VDI 3400 Surface Finish (commonly known as VDI surface finish) refers to the mold texture standard set by Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI), the Society of German Engineers. This is mainly processed by EDM machining, producing fine to coarse matte finishes.

As Molded

No secondary polishing or grinding. Part will show tooling marks.

Threaded Inserts

We can install most commonly used standard inserts in UNF and metric size

Pad Printing

Transfer a 2D image onto a 3D part. All images are subject to review.

Laser Engraving

Engrave part numbers, logos, and more onto your parts.


XinYang has the ability to assemble and label injection molded parts. Discuss your needs with your salesperson.